Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carmel 5k for Haiti recap

I can't believe I ran the whole thing!

I met my goal of running the entire race, and my tentative hope that I would finish in under 40 minutes! 

Time was about 36:40, but I was a little overexcited when I looked at the clock and am guessing a bit on the seconds.  I'll update once they post official times.

It was warm and humid, but it did rain last night (finally!) so it wasn't as hot as it's been.  Plus it was still completely overcast, which was nice.

Notable moments include:

  • Using the 'mobile restroom'...technically a porta-potty with multiple stalls, but it legitimately looked like a fancy bathroom.  There was music piped in and automatic sinks and everything.  Color me impressed.
  • Running my first mile under 11:30
  • Passing a number of people who appeared to be more fit than me, but they fizzled out and had to walk.
  • Discovering how hard it is to drink from a cup and keep running...gave up and just poured it over my face.  That's about what I would have accomplished anyway had I continued trying to drink it.
  • Following a gentleman in a neon yellow tank the entire race, but sprinting at the end and passing him just before the finish line.
  • Almost shoving people out of my way after the finish.  Folks just stopped right there to chat, but I had to keep walking and cool down or I was going to throw up on somebody.
They were taking pictures in a few places along the way, so hopefully I will have some to post soon.  You'll get to see how red and sweaty I am when running, hooray!

For now, here's my new tech shirt and my race bib.  :)

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Fruit Fly said...

That's awesome!! When I did my 2nd 5K ever my one goal was to just run it and never walk. What a great feeling that is, right??

I still can't drink and run. I know everyone says to pinch the cup, but dang it, I just have to stop moving all together if it isn't form my handheld.

Congrats on your race!