Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I must have lost my mind.

Who just registered for a 5k that's less than 4 days away?  Yeah, that'd be me.

It's for a local church's Haiti ministry.  Not that I'm religious in the least, but giving a few bucks for helping out Haiti makes me happy.

Race website: http://www.carmel5kforhaiti.org/
The goal is to jog/run the whole thing.  Finishing in under 40 minutes would rock, too, but that's secondary.

Oh, I was already going to register anyway, but I called the coordinator to find out about the shirts so I knew what size to request.  "Unisex?"  Nope, men's & women's specific.  Cool.  "Are they just cotton or...?"  Tech.  Yes, tech shirt for a 5k that only cost me $23 to register.  Yippee!  I done good.

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