Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Trigger foods

Pretzels and cream cheese.  

I seem to be physically unable to have these two things in my house at the same time and not just open the bag of pretzels and the container of cream cheese and go to town with the dipping.  It is absolutely delicious.

And I've eaten FAR too much of it the past two evenings.  But now both things are gone (into my belly), so I can't do that anymore.  I won't be buying those at the same time again.  I knew better, but I was testing myself and clearly failed!

For the rest of the week I'm going to stick to 29 points a day (my current daily allowance in 34 but I believe I've used most of my weeklies at this point).  And more water than my usual gallon per day.  I was a couple pounds up when I checked this morning, gotta get it together!


Tricia said...

oh. my

I've never thought to put those two together...
wow. thanks a lot ;)

Dana said...

Sorry Tricia! :P

But hey, if you can control yourself better than I can, power to you!! I can honestly say if it was in front of me again I would do the exact same thing.

I'm going to avoid cream cheese altogether and just stick with my trusty pre-portioned Laughing Cow spread from now on. Cream cheese has always been a serious binge trigger food for me, and I can't recall having any since I joined Weight Watchers...I should have known better!