Sunday, July 10, 2011

I'm so close I can...

...not 'taste it', surely.  I need to come up with a non-food-related analogy.  'Feel it' doesn't seem descriptive enough.  'Smell it' maybe?  Yes, I'm so close I can smell it.  What is 'it', you ask?  Why...ONEderland of course!!!  I'm officially looking down the rabbit hole.

Weigh in:  Saturday, 7/9/11 - 201.6 - 4.6 lbs lost, 48.6 total

Nearly 5 lbs!  And that's after my cream cheese and pretzel binge early in the week.  I drank water like it was my job and made sure to get in my fruit and veg servings every day.  Proof that if you screw up once or twice, your whole week/month/life doesn't have to go to pot!

I got my 45 lb star sticker at the meeting yesterday...once I hit 50 I'll get another and a new charm for my WW keyring.  There were some murmurs at the meeting about my large loss this week, as if it wasn't a big deal since I'm young (and look even younger).  I know they were just joking, but I still get a little touchy.  It's not as if I don't try at all and the weight just falls off  - I'm working my ass off (literally)!

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