Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Fiber One goodness

I sang praises for their new chocolate fudge brownies (2 PointsPlus!).  I love their 90 calorie chocolate peanut butter bars (also 2 PointsPlus...I usually take one with me, along with a piece of fruit, to my Weight Watchers meeting since I put off eating until after I've weighed in).

I have never purchased their cereal because I have always found it to be very expensive (almost $5 a box, and the box is quite small) in comparison to my standby of Multigrain or Cinnamon Cheerios.  Not to mention most of their flavors are 'flake' based, which I cannot eat, because soggy cereal grosses me out.

I've been saving coupons for their new 80 calorie Honey Squares cereal, hoping that it would go on sale so I could buy it for relatively cheap.  Lo and behold, it is on sale this week at my preferred grocery store, so I finally bought a box.

In a word:  Yum!  I still prefer Cinnamon Cheerios, but the Honey Squares are very tasty!  They remind me of Golden Grahams.  A 3/4-cup serving is 2 PointsPlus and 10g of fiber (40% of the daily recommended value)!  I poured myself a full cup, which came out to be 3 PP.  Add your low-fat or fat-free milk and some berries and it's a great breakfast or snack.  I'll probably go back to the store and buy another box or two while it's still on sale and I have coupons.


Latina Barbi said...

What grocery store did you go to? MUAH!

Dana said...

I shop at Kroger, which is known as Fry's in the Southwest. Not sure if they're in other regions.