Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great day!

Weigh in:  Saturday, 7/16/11 - 200.8 - 0.8 lbs lost, 49.4 total

Better than I expected!  One pound away from ONEderland, and a itty bitty 0.6 lbs away from 50 lbs lost!  Also, the weight on my driver's license is 200...I'm no longer lying when someone cards me!

I fit into a smaller bra this morning.  You might not think that's something to be excited about, but for someone who pretty much HAS to shop for bras at Lane Bryant because of her cup size, it's very exciting to go down one.

I went out in public in spandex workout gear, and didn't feel the least bit self-conscious.

Elisa came with me to Zumba, and the class was *packed*!  It was super fun though!  Really high energy, I'll definitely go to the Saturday morning one again.

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