Friday, July 29, 2011

Workouts for the week of 7/23-7/29

Saturday, 7/23/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 4 - cross training - Zumba class, 1 hr

Much fewer people in class because there was a substitute instructor.  She was fun!  Some difficult steps, but I like learning new routines and it's more fun in a way when I have to think and figure it out.

Sunday, 7/24/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 5 - 3.68 miles in 48:00 (13:02 pace)

My first long run day on the 1/2 marathon training plan.  Since just completing short runs while maintaining pace and not stopping to walk is a challenge, I've decided to do long runs using the Jeff Galloway method.  I alternated a minute each running and walking for the whole 45 minutes I had on the schedule, and it kept me right on my desired pace of 13 min/mile.  My calves were veeeery tight after this, which I found odd...maybe because walking more changes what muscles are used?  No idea.

Tuesday, 7/26/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 6 - 2.73 miles in 34:00 (12:34 pace)

Actually got a break from the oppressive heat this was 70° at dawn rather than 80°.  Essentially the same route I took last Thursday, and the same pace, but it wasn't an epic struggle this time.

Wednesday, 7/27/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 7 - 2.41 miles in 29:00 (12:01 pace)

Schedule called for hills, so I went to the park.  The elevation change is actually not much different than in my neighborhood, but the hills are a lot steeper, it's not as gradual.  I am shocked at my 12 min/mile pace!  Maybe having people to pass helps me to go faster?  For the record, I was definitely the fastest person out there.  Yes, everyone else but 1 or 2 others were walking, but hey...when you're slow like me and you get the opportunity to lap someone, it's a pretty big deal. :P

Wednesday again - Zumba class, 1 hr

I hadn't been to Zumba on Wednesday before, but made an exception this week because the instructor offered a free class for her 1 year anniversary teaching at the gym.  Yes, FREE!  They opened up the indoor half basketball court to us to accommodate more people.  There were 60+ ladies there shaking their booties and having a great time.  It sort of felt like we were on display because the court is open save for fences around it, so all the folks using the weight machines could see and hear us.  Some even stood and watched for extended periods, lol.  She handed out raffle tickets and gave away some Zumba merchandise...I didn't win, my ticket was a mere 1 number away for one of them though.

I gave myself a break for Thursday and Friday so my muscles can be refreshed and ready to go for the 5k tomorrow!  Starting to get a little nervous...I really hope I can run the whole thing.

Weird story - my dad offered to drive me to the race tomorrow (offered out of the blue - at no point did I hint or ask anyone to be my mode of transportation to this shindig), but he expressed no desire to cheer for me on the course or at the finish.  He wanted to just sit in the car for the 2 hours it will take for packet pickup, race, and awards.  He said if I wanted him to stand outside at the finish then I could drive myself.  Uh, wasn't I going to do that anyway?  So it's as if he was *trying* to be supportive, but not really, lol.  Still baffled.

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