Friday, April 1, 2011

This week's workouts

Monday, 3/28/11 - walk/jog (treadmill, C25K Week 5 Day 1) - 1.85 miles in 30 min (16:12 pace)
Tuesday, 3/29/11 - stationary bike - 5.6 miles in 30 min
Wednesday, 3/30/11 - walk/jog (treadmill, W5D2) - 1.92 miles in 30 min (15:37 pace)
Thursday, 3/31/11 - walk/jog (treadmill, W5D3) - 1.98 miles in 30 min (15:09 pace)

Increase in pace for every run this week!  Nearly at 15 minute miles and that's with some walking thrown in, so I'm doing pretty well I think.  I've been jogging at 4.3mph as opposed to my previous 4.0.

Thursday's workout - I ran for 20 minutes straight, which came out to roughly 1.4 miles.  Definitely got hot and sweaty, but "I can't do this" didn't even enter my mind...I was very proud of myself!  Pace will drop back down a little next week, because C25K goes back to intervals again for the beginning of Week 6.

I've put myself on injured reserve today, because I got a pretty bad medial knee pain last night when I was stretching after running.  I put some ice on it, and am currently icing it again.  Movement is fine right now, and it doesn't hurt to walk on, but it is a little swollen and tender to touch.  I had myself scheduled to do Last Chance Workout tonight before weigh-in, but that's fairly high impact and I think caution is better. 

I thought about getting on the stationary bike instead and just could not get the motivation going - it's my least favorite of the 3 forms of cardio I've been doing. 

Gonna try for a jog tomorrow and see how it goes.  I'll probably modify my stretch a little bit so I don't over-flex my knee, since that's what seemed to bring on the ouchies last night.  Weigh in tomorrow morning, nighty-night friends!

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