Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silver lining

Yesterday, I stayed within my daily allowance.  I got in my 5 servings of fruit/veg, 2 of dairy, and lots of water.  However, it wasn't the best day nutritionally.  And the beauty of Weight Watchers is that my one bad day isn't really a problem.  I can have my pepperoni and cheese bread for lunch, and go to Denny's for dinner, where I can eat greasy hashbrowns and an omelette (albeit my choice was a veggie omelette made with eggwhites).  I can eat what I like, as long as my portions are reasonable and I track it.  Hooray!

Wait...what is this?  My body isn't happy with me?  After eating all that greasy food?  SHOCKED.  (That would be sarcasm, right there.)

I used to get upset stomachs all the time.  At the time I didn't understand it, but now I know it's due to the fact that my diet consisted primarily of processed and fatty - often fried - food, and virtually no fruit and veg.  These days, stomach cramps are few and far between.  Last night was one of the "few."

The upside to my evening of unpleasantness is I was way down on my scale this morning!*  But I wouldn't recommend indigestion as a weight loss method. 

*Yes, I am a chronic scale-jumper.  I get on it every day, but only once a day, and always around the same time.  I think it helps me recognize why my weight fluctuates from day to day.  It has yet to become a source of frustration...we'll see how I feel about that in the future.

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