Saturday, April 16, 2011

What the heck? know how I was thinking I'd gain this week because I wasn't tracking, and wasn't eating my fruit and veg, and wasn't working out at all?

I shouldn't have worried, at least not about that...

Weigh in:  Saturday, 4/16/11 - 219.4 - 5.6 lbs lost, 30.8 lbs total

This comes from having no appetite and eating very sporadically.  I do not by any means recommend this as a weight loss method.  I have now lost over 30 pounds and I'm not even happy about it, because I know I didn't do it right this week.

They cheered for me at the meeting when it was announced, but I basically explained that I am fully expecting a gain next week, because I was not on plan at all.  Losing almost 6 pounds in a week is not the healthiest thing to do under any circumstances, and ever moreso when you are not eating right and not working out at all.

I feel like a fraud.  Boo.

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