Saturday, April 9, 2011

Party time!

I'm still sick, but it's party time anyway, because...*drumroll*...I've lost 10% of my starting weight!!!

Weigh in:  Saturday, 4/9/11 - 225.2 - 1.2 lbs lost, 25.2 lbs total

I got a mani-pedi today in celebration, in a lovely pinup-esque cherry red. I also ordered myself a new dress and accessories. Rewards are important!  And let us not forget the all-important snazzy WW keychain!

My leader likes to point out how the keychain looks like
the number 10 whenever someone gets one.

10% lighter, and my BMI has gone down 4 points from 38 to 34!  38 - That's not just obese, that's very nearly morbidly obese.  The scariest part about it is I just never felt that large. 

I'm following the 5% WW idea and setting my next goal for 15% of my starting weight lost, which will put me at 212.7.  I have another reason for setting my goal there:  The last time I seriously committed to weight loss was before a trip to Cancun in July 2009.  That time around, my lowest weight was 212.8 before I started the alarmingly fast rise back to the 250's.  Once I get past that previous low, I will be the lightest I've been in at least 4 years.

My progress, and my next goal!

I set another mini-goal a few posts back to lose a total of 35 pounds by June 1 (which would put me at 215.2)!  I'm beginning to look at that as a bit of craziness on my part, as I set it with the assumption that I'd stay on my current pattern and keep losing 5 lbs every 3 weeks.  Make it work, Dana!


Fit Coach Deborah said...

Congrats Dana, you can do this! Keep going and going :)

Dana said...

Thanks Deborah! Got a long way to go but if I just think of it a small bit at a time I don't get discouraged :)