Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love my meetings, and birthday lunch!

I may feel differently if the scale starts to go the wrong way, but I consider weekly WW meetings my "me time."  It's great to know there are all these other folks struggling with the same issues, sharing ideas and celebrating each other's successes.

After 11 weeks on program, I am oh-so-close to being rid of 10% of my starting weight.  1 more pound to lose and then I get my snazzy WW keychain! 

Weigh in:  Saturday, 4/2/11 - 226.2 - 2 lbs lost, 24 lbs total

Mom took me out for lunch today since my birthday is on Tuesday.  We went downtown to TGI Friday's, which was fun.  We usually stay pretty close to home to go out to eat, and rarely venture into downtown Indy, so the little change was nice.  Went a little overboard on ordering food, and brought most of mine home.  We got nachos as an appetizer, and I ordered the Santa Fe Chopped Salad, which was *gigantic*.  I probably only ate a quarter of it.  I also got some Green Bean Fries, because those are my absolute favorite things there, and hey, it's my birthday!  So most of my salad and half my green beans are now in the fridge, and will make another meal...or two...or three - it's a lot of food!

Friday's is one of those shady restaurants that doesn't post their nutritional info online, so I used livestrong's website to estimate point values.  My lunch came out to about 19 points as best as I could figure.  I barely use my weekly point allowance ever, so even if I'm low on my estimate it shouldn't really cause a problem.  It may not always seem like I'm working the plan, but I think I do pretty well! 

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