Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stay and succeed

WW 10% keychain with
25 lb and 16 meeting charms!
Weigh in:  Saturday, 4/30/11 - 217.6 - 1.6 lbs lost, 32.6 lbs total

Good loss this week!  I'm still on schedule for -35 lbs by June.  And I received my 'Stay and Succeed' keychain charm for attending 16 meetings!

Big test of my Weight Watcher ability looming, though.  I'm going to Chandler, AZ to visit my boyfriend, leaving on Wednesday, and will be gone for nearly 2 weeks!  I notoriously gain weight while traveling.  My aim is to maintain my current weight, and if I lose I'll be ecstatic.

Challenges include:

- Lots of yummy restaurants we don't have in Indy
- Exercise equipment in his parents room, so I don't really have access
- Desert heat at nearly 100 by this time of year, making outside workouts brutal during most hours

I'm gonna have to get workouts in early in the morning or a while after the sun goes down.  And I'll probably spend a fair bit on groceries so I can have a stock of healthy snacks at his house.

I still plan on attending WW meetings while out of town, since I have the monthly pass and there are multiple meetings really closeby.  Must remain accountable!

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