Tuesday, April 5, 2011

They say it's your birthday...

See the arrow. 
Yes, today is my birthday!  Not really a big deal in my family now that I'm grown, and they spent way too much spoiling me when I was little.  I did get a new sundress and 'Firefly' on DVD from my boyfriend, both of which I am beyond excited about!  (If you weren't already aware - "My food is problematic" is a direct quote from the Firefly episode 'The Message.') 

The dress fits, but the material is clingy, so I'm going to have to find some device to rid my belly of visible flab before I wear it!  See terrible quality photo at left (sorry, my camera is really bad.)  The high-waisted shaper shorts I have aren't heavy duty enough to combat the chub around my belly button.  Not attractive!  I *will* be wearing it sometime in the near future, though!

Guess I need to catch up a bit on my workout log.  I got lazy on Friday and Saturday...used my knee as an excuse.  It actually seems to be okay - movement is painless, but it's tender when I touch it.  Still sort of taking it easy until it doesn't feel bruised upon poking.

Sunday, 4/3/11 - walk/jog (treadmill C25K, Week 6 Day 1) - 2.1 miles in 32 mins (15:14 pace)
Monday, 4/4/11 - exercise video - 30 min

Did Last Chance Workout again last night, using all the low-impact modifications just in case.  I'm already feeling a bit sore in my abs and arms, so by tonight or tomorrow morning I'm going to be pretty stiff.  I take it as an indication of a job well done!

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