Tuesday, May 3, 2011

God bless stretchy belts and Right Fit jeans!!!

I went to the mall today in to find a belt to go with my pinupgirlclothing.com Troublemaker dress.  Their clothes are made with an hourglass shape in mind for the most part, but even so, my waist is a size or three smaller than my bust and hips.  So the belt that came with the dress was way too big.  I did find a wide stretchy belt at Vanity, here's a picture of it with my dress:

Guess what size the belt is?!  M/L - yes, that's right.  There are no X's in front of the L.  I know it's stretchy, but I was excited because I didn't think it would fit properly.  This one has faux patent croc leather in the front, and I got another similar one with faux ostrich regular leather.  Love it!

I walked the whole mall, and I did treat myself to a garlic pretzel (10 PointsPlus) because I hadn't eaten anything yet today.

Another stop I made was Lane Bryant.  I didn't really plan on buying anything except perhaps some new Spanx because mine are getting worn out.  But I went to the jeans shelves and figured I'd try the Right Fit jeans just for fun, to see what size I take.  They have straight (for ladies with a bigger waist and thinner legs), moderately curvy, and curvy styles.  I looked high and low for a size 16-curvy and couldn't find one on the shelf at first, so I grabbed a 14.  I figured I wouldn't be able to get into them, but I could use them as a measure of how close I was to the size.  I kept rooting around and finally found a pair of 16s.  I took both pairs into the fitting room with me.

The 16s were really baggy in the waist, so I'm thinking "Here we go again, what a crock...Right Fit my ass..."  So, on with the 14s.  What's this?  I can pull them on?  And button and zip them?  And I can still breathe?!  Woohoo!  I had to go outside the dressing room and do a few turns in the big mirror, where the salesperson told me they looked good, and I told her she needed to celebrate with me because they were size 14!  Then I went back into the dressing room and got all teary-eyed. 

Crying while trying on clothes has generally been something I'd associate with being unable to find anything that fits well because of my size.  Not today!  Those were definitely happy tears.  I'm not deluding myself...I'm aware that if I were to grab a regular pair of jeans that were not cut to fit a small waist and huge rear, I'd still most likely have to get a size 18.  But one day in the not-so-distant future, I'll be shopping at a store that isn't known for catering to the plus-size crowd.

And yes, I did buy the jeans.  How could I not?!


Paula Lee Andrese said...

Dana, you look fantastic! I'm so happy for you!!

Dana said...

Thank you Paula! :)