Saturday, August 6, 2011

Workouts for the week of 7/30-8/5

Saturday, 7/30/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 8 - 3.1 miles in 36:35 (11:48 pace)

Carmel 5k for Haiti, which I recapped here.  Official time was 36:35.  I finished 195/286 overall, and 84/154 women.  Nearly half of the ladies in the race finished after me.  Not too shabby for a somewhat 'weighty' gal such as myself.  They still haven't put up race photos yet, so you all will have to wait a bit longer for the unflattering picture post. :P

Sunday, 7/31/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 9 - cross-training - yoga video, 20 min

I always end up having to tell my mom to quit watching me while I do exercise videos.  She ends up snickering and distracting me.  Helpful.

Tuesday, 8/2/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 10 - 2.73 miles in 33:00 (12:05 pace); 4x100m

This was a struggle...ate too much pepperoni pizza the night before and there was some indigestion goin' on.  I used the cul-de-sac I live on to run my strides at the end and had my neighbor who lives on the end of the street yelling 'YOU GO GIRL!'

Thursday, 8/4/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 11 - 2.7 miles in 33:00 (12:13 pace)

Didn't manage to get up early enough to beat the heat, so I did my hill work on the now-fixed treadmill.  My usual intervals of 2.5 min incline, 5 min flat.  I definitely like running outside better...I feel like I have to have a staring contest with the clock on the treadmill when I'm on it.

Friday, 8/5/11 - PALA 1/2 plan, Day 12 - 5.24 miles in 1:07:50 (12:56 pace)

Did the long one as a run-walk, 2:1 intervals.  I should have just stuck with 1:1, since my pace was nearly unaffected from my long run 2 weeks ago when I used that.  It was late in the evening so I didn't have quite as much pep as usual, and I only ate once yesterday.  Not ideal conditions.  Friday night jogging apparently puts me at the risk of a contact high due to the clouds of marijuana smoke I had to run through.  And I got heckled by some charming high school boys.  Adorable.  /sarcasm off.  Definitely will try to stick with early morning jogging from here on out.

Also, why do folks slow down while they're passing me in their vehicles?  It makes me paranoid that someone's going to jump out of the car and snatch me.  This happened a good few times.  I'm jogging on the sidewalk, I'm not impeding the flow of traffic.  Move along!

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