Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slacker weigh-in post, plus swag!

I got somewhat behind with posts this weekend, my head has been all over the place!

Weigh in:  Saturday, 8/6/11 - 195.4 - 1.8 lbs lost, 54.8 total

Still heading in the right direction, which is pretty surprising considering the week I had.  I did not track *at all* and my food choices were, for the most part, very sub-par nutritionally.

I was apparently exhausted after my long run on Friday evening, and managed to sleep through my alarm (twice! - it automatically snoozes after ringing for a couple minutes) on Saturday morning.  I put on my workout clothes before WW so I'd be prepared for Zumba afterwards, but I was still feeling groggy and weird so I decided to go home after the meeting.

I went downtown on Saturday afternoon to volunteer for Tri Indy (local triathalon) packet pickup.  A local running shop had some stuff set up for sale, and after much confusion and staring on my part I figured out one of the guys working over there was my anatomy and physiology teacher from high school (who I totally thought was a babe when I was in his class...awkward).  I didn't say anything to him though, because I wasn't 100% sure it was him and if I'd been wrong that would have been weird.  I just went and looked him up online, turns out I was right.

Aaaaanyway, I got some freebies for helping:

Race t-shirt (volunteers got orange, participants got green), tumbler w/ race logo, and a mesh cap.  I am most excited about the hat, because I was thinking that I needed to buy a tech hat or visor, and now I've got a free one!  I haven't tried it out on a run yet, so whether or not it will stay on my somewhat large head remains to be seen.    Off topic:  You probably can't see it very well, but my earrings in this picture are fighter planes!  And the propellers can spin, how cute is that?
I may not have any more posts this week because I'm going to Chandler again this Tuesday through Sunday.  Still planning on going to a Saturday morning weigh-in, and hopefully will get at least two runs in while I'm there.  I will update when I get back!

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