Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday, 8/23/11 - Day 4, halfway there!

Today's weight:  197.2

Still on the way down!  I've made up for last week's gain, and have less than 2 pounds to go until I'm back where I was before I left for vacation.

Amazingly, I have no muscle soreness in my legs after my long run yesterday, but my right knee is bothering me when I go down stairs.  I wanted to run again, but didn't want to exacerbate whatever problem I'm having, so I stuck with a fairly easy ride on the bike.

- Stationary bike - 5.5 miles in 30:00

I had a quesadilla for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner.  I seem to be really good at picking the type of cuisine for lunch that my mom decides she wants for dinner.  Oh well.

I realized I hadn't met my oil requirement by dinner, so I went all Macaroni Grill on that thing and dipped some delicious bakery bread in olive oil for a snack this evening.  Much tastier than eating it on my salad, but then, I'm a ranch or bleu cheese dressing girl at heart.

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