Monday, August 29, 2011

A small accomplishment

I really wanted to see 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark' because I super love Guillermo del Toro movies.  (For the record, it wasn't that great, but it was entertaining - if not at all scary.  Wait until it comes on a movie channel you already pay for, or Netflix, and watch in the comfort of your own home with the lights off for a semi-creepy gigglefest.)

I discovered that my theater of choice currently has a coupon for 1/2 off a large popcorn & drink.

After some heated internal debate, I made the choice.  Rather than drop all those points for a giant popcorn popped in oil (which would have lasted me a couple days, yes, but did I really need to be snacking on THAT more than once?), I took part in my recent rebellious habit of smuggling goodies into the movie in my purse.

I popped a 94% fat free mini bag of popcorn (3 points, as opposed to something around 5 times that much for the large movie popcorn!) and transferred it to a ziplock.  I also counted out 34 Pretzel M&M's (9 points, but soooo worth it in my opinion!), and took a can of Coke Zero.  So I still treated myself, but I stayed within my points today and saved money!

I'm still waiting on the day someone asks to see inside my purse before they let me in the theater.

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Fruit Fly said...

You are such a good girl! That is crazy will power. I mean I have no problem not eating candy or chocolate. After 18 years it doesn't even tempt me. But the smell of movie theater popcorn? Ugh, it is usually too good to resist!

I will admit that if I am not alone I will always make someone else carry it in so people don't automatically assume I'm going to devour every last bit of it by myself ... and I totally can. LOVE IT!