Thursday, March 17, 2011

First outdoor workout of the year!

Wednesday, 3/16/11 - 2.12 miles in ~34 min (~16:02 pace) - walk/jog

I attempted a Week 4 C25K workout outside in my neighborhood yesterday.  It was way too nice out not to - about 60 degrees and sunny!  I *really* tried to convince myself that jogging outside on pavement wasn't nearly as hard as I remembered. 

But you'll notice I used the word "attempted" in that first sentence there - couldn't quite get through that last 5 minute run interval.  On the treadmill it's not a problem. 

Must get used to jogging outside on the hard ground!  It's also more difficult to pace myself; on the nice cushion-y treadmill I can just set it at 4.0 and go at the right pace automatically...outside I end up going faster than that without realizing, and I get out of breath.

Pretty stiff today...need to stretch more!  One day in the future this stuff will be a piece of cake!

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