Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weigh in day *cue ominous music*

Weigh in:  Saturday, 3/19/11 - 229.2 - 2 lbs lost

That's a loss of 21 pounds in the past 9 weeks!  Fairly big loss this week in spite of mother nature...take that, hormones!  And one of the ladies at the meeting came up to me afterward and told me she could really tell I'd been losing, so that was a nice confidence boost.

In Weight Watchers meetings, we receive a star sticker to put in our pocket guidebook for every 5 pounds we lose, so I have 4 of them now.  The first three came every 2 weeks, but this last one took me 3, so I'll estimate another 3 until I lose 25 total and reach 10% of my body weight lost.  My next goal is in sight!

And beyond the 10%, I'll have another 12.5 lbs to lose before I get down to the lowest I've been in my previous bouts of yo-yo-ing.  After that I'll be losing all new weight, weight that has been on me for the past 4-5 years and it's time to say BUH-BYE!

After my successful weigh in, I came home to find my mom had made a breakfast of scrambled eggs w/ cheese and peppers, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.  Somewhat of a splurge, but protein is good, so I had the eggs and bacon with one of my 2 point English muffins.  I really should have checked the points on the cinnamon roll before I ate it, though.  8 PointsPlus!  8!  Yeesh.  I knew it was nutritionally worthless, but wow.

Then we went to Fazoli's for dinner, and I got a salad, but ate 2 breadsticks with it, which was another whopping 8 points for the bread alone.  I usually let myself off the hook a little bit on the weekends; my choices aren't as good but I try to stay within my daily point allowance.  That didn't quite happen today.  If I have a snack this evening it will be some fruit, because fruit is 0 points!  Hooray fruit!

And a small victory - the enablers at Fazoli's put 5 breadsticks on our tray.  There were still 2 sitting there when we were finished eating, and it took great force of will, but I threw them in the trash.  *cheer*  Bread is definitely a weakness of mine; usually when we go out to eat at any of the various places that give you a loaf of bread as a free starter, I just avoid it altogether.

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