Monday, March 21, 2011

Work in progress

I figured I would treat myself to a couple new clothing and jewelry items since my birthday is coming up.  Birthdays and holidays aren't really big gift-giving occassions anymore in my family (since I grew up and pretty much the whole world is broke), so I just buy my own presents!

My current favorite place for shopping is - I was barely able to fit into their largest size (2x) in the stretchy items last year, but the order that I placed contained items in XL!  Very stretchy items, granted, but I was still pretty excited.

Anyway, my mom and I went to the casino yesterday for a bit and she wanted me to wear my snazzy new cherry necklace (cherries are a common sight on slot machines and I guess she thought it would be lucky), so I paired it with my new bright red wrap top.  I took a picture of myself so I could show off my fun new clothes.

This morning I got the notion to put that picture beside one from the end of last year, just a couple weeks before I started Weight Watchers.  Side note:  My digital camera is taking bright reds and making them look orange-y, dunno what's up with that.  Side note, part deux:  The pirate shirt in the 'before' is from the same website - super cute clothes, I'm telling you!

I was pretty amazed.  In the grand scheme of my obesity, 20 pounds is not a whole lot.  I still have at least 65 pounds to lose to get in my healthy weight range.  But look at my face and neck!   Look at my waistline!  When I look in the mirror I don't see many changes, but comparing pictures like this is very encouraging!


txokwa1986 said...

Wow! Big're looking great!!

Dana said...

Thanks a lot! And thanks for following my blog :)