Saturday, June 18, 2011

A wee bit frustrated

Workouts for the past week...I left off at Monday's run.

Tuesday, 6/14/11 - 10k plan, Day 9 - 2.37 miles in 35:00 (14:44 pace) - 5 min warmup/cooldown walks@ 3.5mph, 25 min jog @ 4.3

I had a rest day scheduled on Wednesday, but I got bored and felt like I needed to do *something*, so I browsed the exercise videos on demand on cable.

Wednesday, 6/15/11 - Yoga video, 15 min

I enjoyed some of the exercises, but planks can kiss my ass.  I must have done them sort of correctly in the millisecond that I could hold them, because I was feeling it in my abs the next day.

Thursday, 6/16/11 - 10k plan, Day 10 - 3.05 miles in 45:00 (14:44 pace) - 5 min warmup/cooldown walks @ 3.5, 35 min jog w/ incline intervals: 2.5 min incline @ 4.3, 5 min flat @ 4.2

I took a break on Friday because I'd checked the scale and was getting a bit discouraged.

And now, on to today's weigh in!

I did better than I have in weeks, possibly months, with exercise and staying right around my daily allowance on points this week.  I know 'a loss is a loss' is a great mantra, and I try to remember it, but given my dedication in the past week I really expected it to be a little more.

Weigh in:  Saturday, 6/18/11 - 208.8 - 1.4 lbs lost, 41.4 total

I know over a pound in a week is great, but I'm confused.  In weeks when I haven't been on plan at all (namely right after I got back from vacation),  I lost 4 pounds...two weeks in a row!  And when I really try it's 1.4.  Meh.  It leads me to think that I should be using some of my 'extra' activity/weekly points.  So I'll try to do that in the coming week and see where it gets me!

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