Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beast mode!

There was this guy on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition last week who kept saying he was on 'beast mode' when he was working his butt off and doing really well.  I've decided I like the phrase, and that it applies well to this week because I'm doing awesome!

I've been tracking everything and making good decisions.  A preview step on the scale today shows that I should get rid of my gain and then some.  I've also put all my workouts for the week into my tracker already to give me a little more incentive to finish them all and earn those activity points (49 total for the week!).

I worked out on Thursday and Friday so I gave myself a rest day on Saturday, which is the first day of my Weight Watchers week. 

Sunday was Zumba day!!!  It had been over a month since my last class.  Out of town for two weeks, busy with yardwork the next, then class was cancelled for Memorial Day weekend, and last weekend I was just off plan and didn't really have a good excuse.  This week there was a substitute instructor, and she kicked our butts!  She was very big on isolating one area of the body for a whole song.  I am still hurting today!  Shoulders and quads mostly.

Sunday, 6/12/11 - Zumba class, 1 hr

I was a bit confused while at the class, because there was a girl behind me who was NOT into it.  She looked fairly thin and fit, but she was barely moving in the way the instructor was asking us to and just looked bored.  She half-assed it the whole time.  The instructor even went right up to her and stood in front of her to get her to shake it, and she would have none of it.  I don't understand why one would pay for an exercise class and then not even try to work out.  Not to mention Zumba is supposed to be fun!  I may be drenched in sweat, and my chub is jiggling all over the place, but I'm smiling most of the time I'm in there!

Moving on...I was absolutely dreading Monday's scheduled run, but I did it!

Monday, 6/13/11 - 10k plan, Day 8 - 4.33 miles in 1:05:00 (15:00 pace) - incline work - 10 min walk @ 3.5, 40 min jog @ 4.2, 10 min walk, 4x100m strides @ 5.1

When my training calls for incline work, I've settled on 5 minutes flat, 2.5 minutes incline on the treadmill.  I've tried 5 flat/5 incline intervals and I end up having to walk because I get winded during the incline portions.  I alternate the inclines between 3-5%.  More daunting than the incline work itself was the fact that I was supposed to jog for 40 minutes straight!  Logically, I knew my body could do it - I've done 35, why not 40?  But it was still intimidating.  I did have an unexpected stop for about a minute right in the middle, because I was toweling off my face while jogging and lost an earring.  I wanted to make sure to find it so it didn't get stuck in the works of the treadmill, but once I did I was right back to work.

I have another (much shorter) run scheduled today, and then I'll have another rest day on Wednesday.

I've been having an issue when I push myself past 'normal' during my workouts, like I did last night.  Maybe anybody who's reading that is a fitness guru or has experience with running/cardio can help me.  I feel fine right after, tired, but fine...then about an hour later I am intensely nauseated.  I thought I was gonna lose it last night, I ended up just laying down while sucking on peppermint and going to sleep because doing anything just made me want to vomit.  It's happened to me a couple times before; I don't know if I'm depleting myself by sweating so much or what.  Any ideas?


Lyndsay & Melissa said...

Good for you, Dana!

About the nausea... I don't know if this is the same kind, but my trainer was telling me that when people feel nauseated after working out intensely, it's usually because your heart is having to pump blood to all different sections of your body. This hasn't happened to me after running, but I did get nauseated after switching quickly from abs to cardio to arms to legs within 30 minutes (I blame my trainer - haha). He said the best thing to do is to lay on your back with your feet up. I did, and I felt better almost instantly. It was still about 15 minutes before I felt comfortable walking around, but it was definitely more effective than putting my head between my legs. Let me know if this helps!

Dana said...

I'll try it, thank you! It just boggles my mind because I don't start feeling crappy until about an hour later. Since I work out pretty late most of the time I can just go to bed, but I definitely don't want to run into the problem if I work out earlier in the day.

Fruit Fly said...

Beast Mode - I like it!

I've yet to have nausea that long after running, so I have no advice on that one. I'm pretty notorious for being the girl that pukes at the finish line though. Fortunately it doesn't even bother me or embarrass me anymore - and once I'm done throwing up the nausea is totally gone, so that's a plus!

You'll have to let us know if sticking your feet up helps!

Leigh said...

Maybe evaluate what you're doing for post-workout nutrition?


I haven't tried any of this personally yet (logistics keep getting in the way) but it's a thought.

P.S. Thanks for continuing to inspire! I'm back on track with my triathlon training plan :-)

Dana said...

Thanks Leigh! I actually just started drinking G2 during my long runs and if I jog outside since it was on uber-sale at Kroger last week. It seems to help...of course the nausea problem has only happened a few times, might be totally random. Hard to say.

I'm glad you're back on track! When is your tri?