Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The touch, the feel of cotton...

...is NOT a good thing when running.  I should know.  That's pretty much all I own.

I sweat when I work out.  A lot.  Cotton gets sopping wet and sticks to your skin.  It's not exactly pleasant.

I was bumming around the mall yesterday and talked to a lady from Dick's Sporting Goods about how I've started running, but their gigantic selection of clothing was really intimidating me and I had no idea what to look at first.  She pointed out some things and we talked about sports bras.  I tried on a few things, but left empty handed.  Over $50 for a good sports bra?  Seriously?  That purchase will have to wait until I'm no longer in a transitional phase as far as my weight is concerned.  Also aggravating is the fact that apparently, as a woman, you get either shorty-shorts, or capris.  Can I get some mid-length please?  Like just above the knee would be great.  I have thighs, folks!  They rub together!  It's called chafing?  It's not good!  Chubby ladies wanna work out too!

So, I am in search of cheap tech workout clothes.  Screw cotton.  And where does one go when she's in search of anything cheap?  Walmart, of course!

Okay, so now I sort of look like a cat burglar.  It's not my fault all the had in the proper size in the very limited Danskin 'performance' material selection was black!

I just did today's run in this and I definitely did feel less distracted by my copious amounts of sweat.  I always take a towel with me on the treadmill to mop myself off periodically, and I did again today, but I wasn't concerned about doing it quite so often.  Also eliminated was the distraction of the bottom of my shirt flapping around since this is very stretchy, fitted (obviously...say hello to my rolls) nylon/spandex.

And for the record...I bought a size LARGE in both pants and top.  No X's people!


Fruit Fly said...

I love Dick's! (cue the childish laughter.) I can't leave that store without something in my hand. I agree I was really intimidated at first when I went in there. I had to read everything (and still do) to make sure I'm looking at the right section and right fabrics. Okay - my bras, I picked them up on sale for $9 and a non-sports store. But I'm flat as can be, so I don't really have to be too picky. And when I first started I also hit Walmart! I don't shop there normally, but I grabbed some capris and shorts from the Danskin section as well! Now I am always in running skirts 99.9% of the time. Love 'em!

Honesty is my Diet said...

I feel you on the chafing part girl! I started running at the beginning of the year for the first time in 4 years and all my shorts were from when I was skinny and really in shape and didn't have a chafing problem. I found some good spandexy shorts and capris at Target for pretty cheap. I stock the sale racks and can find some great stuff. They have really great workout pieces, including sport bras. I have purchased a few of them too, again gotten bigger there too since I last worked out 4 years ago. I love that you took a picture of yourself and posted it on your blog in the spandex - that's fabulous! I have a hard enough time wearing it working out by myself with the rolls showing, let alone at a gym so I applaud you. You rock!!! Keep up the running! :)

Dana said...

@FF - I have the opposite problem of being overly-endowed in the boob region. I have to wear at least 2 bras and a snug top in order to minimize movement...really longing for the day a sports bra actually fits me and works as it should.
Running skirts are super cute! I'd have to wear something under them though - again with the chafing issue.

@Honesty - Thanks! I haven't ventured outside in spandex but it's gonna have to happen sooner or later. :P I just went to Old Navy today and got a few more pieces since they've got a sale on at the moment. I'll definitely be checking out Target's selection next time I'm there!