Monday, May 30, 2011

"When you wish upon a star..."

I'm back to my old standby.  "Old" as in the last time I tried to lose weight before this blog was thought of.  Disney movies while on the treadmill.  I am a serious Diz-geek.  So when I post my workout logs and I'm jogging or walking, odds are I'm watching Disney while doing it.  Lemme tell ya, it's hard to get all choked up and teary and still be able to breathe properly while running (yes, I'm that big of a sap for touching moments in film).

Wednesday, 5/25/11 - PALA 10k plan, Day 2 - 2.6 miles in 40:00 (15:23 pace) - 5 min warmup/cooldown walks @ 3.4, incline work @ 4.2 w/ a couple walk breaks

Friday, 5/27/11 - PALA 10k plan, Day 3 - 2.67 miles in 40:00 (15:00 pace) - 5 min warmup/cooldown walks @ 3.4, 30 min jog @ 4.2

Sunday, 5/29/11 - PALA 10k plan, Day 4 - 3.94 miles in 60:00 (15:14 pace) - 10 min walk @ 3.4, 35 min jog @ 4.2, 10 min walk, 4x100 strides @ 5.0

Sunday was pretty tough.  I'd been out in the sun on Saturday and Sunday gardening...being in the heat is draining in itself, but my hamstrings were also complaining from the constant bending that yardwork calls for.  I pushed through it, and was rewarded with some killer nausea a little afterward.  I think it was due to dehydration...I got in my normal amount of water for the day, but I should have consumed a lot more considering how I sweat while I was outside, and then of course while I was jogging.

I was planning on going to Zumba on Sunday instead of jogging, but the instructor emailed saying it was cancelled, probably due to the holiday.  Hopefully next weekend I'll get to's been a month!


Fruit Fly said...

Sometimes Disney just makes things better! When I'm just feeling blah and need a little mental escape, I love putting in the 2005 WDW vacation planning DVD. I worked there for years, I go there every year, yet I still just love watching these happy people go on rides and feel that pixie dust all over again. Okay, I even have Stacey from the WDW hotel rooms on my iPod. After a good run I love to put her on and hear all that Disney World talk while I have a cool down walk home. It's good for the head!

Dana said...

I wish I could go yearly, that would be heaven. It's my favorite place on earth. OMG! There is no movie or tv watching in a WDW hotel for me, there is only Stacey! I've got the Classic Disney collection on my mp3 player so if my movie ends before I'm done running, I listen to that. And I love listening to MouseWorld, DisRadio, etc. when I'm just messing around on the computer...the monorail schpeil makes me smile. :)

Fruit Fly said...

Stacey's the best!

I listened to park music all day today at work. The Future World background music always gives me goosebumps and makes me ready to return!