Saturday, May 28, 2011


I'm a little confused...but in a good way.

Weigh in:  Saturday 5/28/11 - 210.4 - 4 lbs lost, 39.8 total

Okay, first of all - 4 pound losses 2 weeks in a row?!  How does this happen?  I've been tracking everything this week, but I definitely used some of my extra points and I've gone out to eat literally every day because my mom is on vacation and that's just what we do.

And second - 0.2 away from 40?  A measly 3 oz away.  That left my weigh in feeling oddly like a let down, even though I've lost 8 pounds in the past two weeks. (!)

So, whatever, I do what I want...I'm rounding and calling it 40 because I feel like it's time for more progress pictures!  Are you super excited?!

I feel like it's a little hard to see in pictures except around my face, but these days I catch my reflection or my shadow out of the corner of my eye and have to stop and go "Wow, look at ME!"

Today also marked another goal met and surpassed - weight at 212.7.  I'm now officially at my lowest weight of the past 4+ years.  (I keep being non-commital on this number because I honestly did not step on a scale for ages, so I don't know at what point I ballooned for may be more like 5 years, but the 4 I'm sure of.) 

If there was a Weight Watchers award for 15% body weight lost like there is for 5 and 10%, I'd have received that today.  And my BMI has dropped from 38 to 32. 

The goal line on my weight tracker was set at that 212.7, so I've now moved it down to (get this!) 199.9!  ONEderland is in my sights and I'm closing in!

Some fun things (for me, anyway) to think about:

-My driver's license says my weight is 200.  I'm almost true to that now!  (Definitely fudged it by a LARGE margin last time I renewed my license, obviously.)

-Once I live in ONEderland, I will be but a handful of itty bitty pounds away from being overweight.  That may sound odd, but what I mean is this:  I will no longer be obese!

I can already see myself crying on the scale at my meeting when my weight starts with a 1 for the first time in who knows how long.  It's gonna be a great day, and hopefully that day is but a few short weeks away!

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